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Field Day 2004


KC6OOE  "Chip" Jarman
Field Day 2004
Station KC6OOE
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Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, located near Oceanside, CA has an RV park along the north beach adjacent to the Del Mar Boat Basin. In addition to the 80+ full hook-up sites, the center also has 30+ beachfront cottages available for rent.

The KC6OOE Field Day remote station is a single op, 2 xmitter station. All equipment and peripherals are operated from 12VDC deep cycle batteries. The station is operating HF and VHF and is utilizing a cellular IP up-link for real time posting of event photos onto this website.

Event Remote Site Description:


 Cables and Ants    DC/AC Power Panel      Power Supply            the Cockpit

Objective of this year's FD was to provide both 12vDC and 120vAC power to support all equipment for a minimum of 24 hrs. This was achieved by creating the DC/AC distribution panel shown above. Two 125 AH 12v deep cycle batteries supplied the power for all 12v radio gear and was distributed through the MFJ-1118 at the top of the panel. One 75 AH 12v deep cycle battery was used to supply the 1000 watt DC-AC inverter to power the laptop and terminal node controller. Although a maximum of 14 watts was necessary to power the laptop and TNC, I have a 1000 watt inverter to handle larger loads for future events. The custom lead cable from the 75 AH battery to the inverter utilizes 6 AWG marine DC cable and a 40 watt weatherproof in-line circuit breaker near the positive post on the battery.

Second objective of this years event was to test the capability to transfer photos taken on site from the camera to this web page using a cellular phone for the IP uplink. The data transfer rate was slow but it worked. Each 220k photo took an average of 1 min 40 sec. to upload. The program used for uploading and editing of this website is MS Front Page 2002.

Max power used was 100 watts (50 watts average) and antennas were vertical mag mounts on top of SUV. HF ant: Iron Horse 20M stick; VHF ant: Larson 2M whip; HF/VHF/UHF scanner ant: CB 10M whip.

The site preparation Friday, June 25th - first photo uplinks:


Last minute fixes               Full HF/VHF RTTY               Site 34 on the beach

Operational test was good. All systems up and running.

JUNE 26th - Field Day Commenced at 11:00 PDT. Station is active on 2m VHF and 10-20m HF.  Packet freq 145.05 for connect via PALMAR repeater (W6NWG) atop Mount Palomar.

Rod McHenry callsign N6CG paid a visit at the start of the event. Rod was active during the 60's-70's on the Coast Guard Ice Breaker radio service below 60 deg. south latitude.

QSL to Charles Anderson callsign KK5OQ in Diamondhead, MS. Charles is ex-Navy Radioman. KK5OQ is currently working 20 meters RTTY FD contacts.

Other QSL's from this morning - KB5GA, W6YX (Stanford Amateur Radio Club), KZ7X (SW Arizona Contest Club), K6SAD, SP3GXH, K0FX, WA9ZBW, N7MNY.


This is a test photo upload from cellular IP Jun 3, 2004.


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